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To provide sound objective advice and innovative solutions that align a real estate strategy to the goals of an operating business plan in order to maximize performance, minimize expenses and risk, and enhance asset value.

Our Purpose
These are challenging times for the entire commercial real estate community.  Our purpose is to help position you to capitalize on the opportunities arising from the current economic conditions.
Glenn Blumenthal
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"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."
"Never let the better be the enemy of the good."
Winston Churchill
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"Having the right information and experience is essential if you want to be able to make the best possible decision."
Why Malvern Advisors
In today’s highly competitive and complex business environment, property owners and in-house corporate real estate departments are relying more and more on outside service providers. If you're looking for someone to help you troubleshoot a specific problem, we are prepared to help on a single task basis, or to become a virtual extension of ownership or your corporate real estate department. As a result of downsizing real estate departments and the growing complexity of the commercial real estate business, the burden of selecting who will handle responsibilities takes on an even greater significance. Outsourcing allows you to pick from a menu of specific services, based on the strength of the provider.
There is no substitute for experience; brains, hard work, luck – all these things are important, but they just don’t replace having real world knowledge about how to do something. Malvern Advisors is highly specialized; this means that we have extensive experience in our practice areas. We’re not just making it up as we go along and getting by on the ability to “think on our feet” and come up with clever answers on the fly … we offer real expertise.
Success in today’s ultra-competitive business environment requires customized strategies, not generic, off-the-shelf solutions. The issues we deal with are too complex and unique for us to deliver the benefits using a turnkey approach. Malvern Advisors’ focus is always on crafting strategies and solutions that are developed specifically for each client based on their unique needs. We are a source for objective advice and innovative solutions that align your real estate strategy to the overall goals of your business in order to maximize performance, minimize expense, and enhance value. Companies dealing with complex issues are best served by specialized advisors, not global conglomerates.
For most companies, real estate is the second or third largest expense. Just as importantly, however, it also affects practically every aspect of how a business operates. Corporate real estate should be actively managed as a strategic asset – not simply treated as a series of unrelated transactions, an unavoidable recurring expense, or merely one more line item on the balance sheet.
We provide a comprehensive scope of services to help our clients align geography with their overall business strategy. Our services result in rigorous strategy development and evaluation, selection of the optimal location and site to ensure success, creation of effective implementation plans and tactics, and negotiations for public sector incentives and real estate acquisition that provide truly dramatic results.
The most obvious choice is often not the best one. Chances are, the most obvious answer is also obvious to others. Creating a unique advantage over your competitors happens when you do something different and better. Malvern Advisors is focused on using our experience and expertise in location and real estate to deliver innovative strategies that others are unlikely to. This provides our clients with opportunities to stay ahead of the pack.
The way in which a company manages its real estate portfolio has a dramatic effect on its business:
Today’s companies are awash in data, but frequently they lack the capability to access or create the information most critical to their businesses. All too often, corporate systems that collect, store, and report data do little to allow companies to transform it into useful information that addresses important business questions. Analytical capabilities in these systems are often minimal or not specifically focused on a user’s specific needs. Frequently, the needs of the business demand the integration of many data feeds from systems that don’t talk to one another into a single analytical platform, requiring time- and resource-intensive manual intervention.
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  • The cost structure of what is typically the second or third largest expense item
  • The flexibility to balance supply and demand; supporting revenue growth by providing the necessary space when the business has the opportunity to expand, and the ability to lower expense by responding to reduced demand
  • The ability to maintain a rational configuration among different business units and facilitate key interactions
  • The degree to which the physical environment supports individual needs critical to performing tasks
  • The image and identity that the company presents
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Malvern Advisors, LLC was founded in 2009 by Glenn Blumenthal who is a seasoned real estate executive with more than 35 years experience managing large-scale, geographically diverse multi-sector real estate operations in all phases of business development, capital markets, and asset management.  Highly entrepreneurial, he is known for his deal-making and negotiating skills and long-term perspective on quality and operational performance.

In 1999, he co-founded and was Chief Operating Officer for American Financial Realty Trust (NYSE:AFR), a $5 billion self-managed publicly traded REIT that focused on acquiring and operating real estate leased to financial institutions. The company managed over 44 million square feet, with annual revenues of $451 million and raised $1.9B in equity capital. Major clients included: Wachovia, Bank of America, State Street and Citizens Bank. He assisted in the successful sale of AFR in 2008.

In 1992,  he joined First Union Bank as Vice President in their CRE division responsible for the Mid-Atlantic States. In 1988, he joined the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), a United States Government-owned asset management company, responsible for liquidating assets (primarily real estate-related assets, including mortgage loans) seized from Savings & Loan institutions.